Association "Historic Centre of Cosenza - Leisure City"

The Association "Historic Centre of Cosenza - Leisure city" is formed by a group of citizens who have not accepted the idea that the historical center of Cosenza could die for decay.
The idea has been formulated by the President Franco Felicetti: to create a "Historical Museum in the Open" on the millenary history of Cosenza through 25 giant panels depicting significant scenes of the Bruzi, the Normans, the Swabians, the French and the Spanish.

THE HISTORICAL PANELS are meant to reach two goals:
a) act as a strong moment of call of domestic and foreign tourism in the directions of: England (Norman), Germany (Swabians), France (Norman and Angevin), Spain (Aragon) and Italy (Bruzi and Romans).
b) make known the history of the city 'to the new generations to form consciences in a deep process of identification through a more' precise knowledge of their roots

The story, graphically, is told by renowned artists from France, Germany, England, Spain, Italy.
These artists, with their signatures, will provide a national and international resonance to the Project.

History of the Project
The project has had a troubled history.
It was born in 1999 and it was given to the Town Hall of Cosenza in order to be realized in the Old Town. But the Town Hall failed justifying itself saying that the Superintendent forbade any intervention in the historical center.

A journalist of the newspaper "Il Quotidiano", Rosita Gangi, wrote about this project in 2007 bringing it to life again.

The new superintendent of Cultural and Historical Heritage of Cosenza, Giuseppe Stolfi, deemed it a useful tool for the recovery of the historical center and convinced the mayor of the city ', Salvatore Perugini, to believe in the project and get it approved by the municipal bodies under the enlightened guidance of Francesco Prosperetti general manager of Cultural and Historical Heritage of Calabria.

But it was the current mayor of the city, Mario Occhiuto, initially hostile to the project, to understand that the historic center could only be recovered through domestic and foreign tourism and he managed to find the funding in order to realize, with the support and financial contributions from the Province of Cosenza and the Foundation Carical.

The People who worked on the project

Group photo
Franco Felicetti
Creator, writer of the project and artistic coordinator of the painters
Sabrina Barresi
Museum curator
Stefania Bozzarello
External Relations
Piero Carbone
Journalist-environmental photographer
Antonio Chiappetta
Legal assistance
Francesco Collorafi
Graphic design
Marilena Collorafi
Graphic design
Giusy Indaimo
Web Designer, Curator of this website
Enzo Le Pera
Artistic consultant
Rita Mantuano
Artist Welfare Painters
Iolanda Marinho
External Relations
Antonio Naccarato
Logistics Manager
Francesca Silani
External Relations
Antonio Slaviero
Patrizia Troiano
External Relations
To Architect Mario Occhiuto, Mayor of Cosenza, and two other people, who do not want to be quoted, goes all the gratitude of the historical center.